My name is Mikayla :)
First off, thank you! For stopping by my site.
We are located In Western Australia, Southern Suburbs of Perth.
I created MFH in early 2017 and we have recently rebranded in 2022 to The Daisy Moon Boutique, just as a hobby to start off with, which was mainly scrunchies, small earrings made of wire wrapped crystals and a small selection of heatpacks.
I moved away from the wire wrapping as i saw the market was starting to get a bit flooded with it so went in a slightly different direction as i only do this on the side so wouldnt have time to go all out. Same with the scrunchies.
I have now Rebranded MFH to The Daisy Moon Boutique.
All products on my site are handmade by myself. I love using locally sourced shells & sea glass where i can whether i stumble across them myself or from a local.
80% of what I've used so far have been from a personal collecion which ive built up over the years through my travels around Australia. However now that you are no longer aloud to "collect" i buy them all from an ethically sourced supplier over in the Eastern States.
I purchase all My gemstones and Silver i use to make my pieces from Australian Ethically sourced Small Businesses & not form Third world countries. So you can wear our pieces with ease of mind.
If you have any questions please dont hesitate to reach out!